2017 IBVL Champions
5th Year in a Row!

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Holly McPeak, Lisa Arce-Zimmerman and Lane Carico Nominees

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2017 IBVL Pairs Tournament Champs
(1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Finish)

1st – Alexia Inman & Maddie Micheletti, 2nd – Piper Monk-Heidrich & Sunny Villapando, 3rd – Rio Frohoff & Kate Reilly

2017 IBVL Tournament of Champions
1st Place

Georgia Kobel & Hailey Clausen, Bridgette Chalmers & PJ Sundeen, Malea Stanton & Emily Eddins

2015 IBVL Champs

Mira Costa Girls Beach Volleyball back-to-back UNDEFEATED seasons and IBVL Champs!

2015 IBVL Pairs Champs

Mira Costa finished 1st in the 2015 IBVL Pairs Championships. Champions – Skylar Caputo and Katrina Kernochan

2015 JV Tournament of Champions Winners

2014 IBVL Champs

Mira Costa Girls Beach Volleyball finished the 2014 season UNDEFEATED to win the program’s second consecutive IBVL Championship!

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2014 IBVL Pairs Champs and Runner-Up

Mira Costa finished 1st and 2nd in the 2014 IBVL Pairs Championships. Champions – Skylar Caputo and Lan Nguyen, Runner-Up – Katrina Kernochan and Emma Smith

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2013 IBVL Champs

Mira Costa won its first IBVL championship in 2013.

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2012 IBVL Runner-Up

In the inaugural year of competition (2012) Mira Costa Girls Beach Volleyball finished 2nd.

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News & Updates

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Mira Costa — IBVL California State Champs!

STATE CHAMPS! Mira Costa won the IBVL California State Championship on Saturday (5/20). This was the inaugural state championship for the IBVL which has grown to include Southern California, San Diego and Northern California divisions. Costa won the IBVL Southern California (“Southern Pacific”) championship a week earlier to qualify for the State finals. The two wins in the finals increase Mira Costa Girls Beach Volleyball’s win streak to 71! The team has not lost since 2012! In the State Championship tournament, held at the Metro Beach center in Chatsworth, Mira Costa faced The Branson School of Ross California (the Northern California champion) in the semi-finals winning the dual 2-0. In the finals Mira Costa had a rematch of its Southern California IBVL finals with Palisades Charter High School and won that dual as well 2-0. Each school fields three pairs and the first team to have two pairs to win their matches wins the dual between the schools. Point Loma of San Diego, was the fourth team qualified for the event, beat The Branson School for 3rd place. Mira Costa Teams and Results: The Branson School (State Championship Semi-Finals) 1 – Sunny Villapando (Sr., Stanford) and Piper Monk-Heidrich (Jr., UCLA) – DNF (won 1 game, 2nd game called after Costa win) 2 – Alexia Inman (Sr., Cal)  and Maddie Michelleti (Sr. Cal) – win 2 games to 0 3 – Rio Frohoff (Sr., Tulane) and Riley Hazelrigg (Soph) – win 2 games to 0 Palisades Charter (State Championship Finals) 1 – Sunny Villapando (Sr., Stanford) and Piper Monk-Heidrich (Jr., UCLA) – DNF (won 1 game, 2nd game called after Costa win)...

2017 IBVL Champions!

IBVL CHAMPIONS! The Mira Costa Beach Varsity team played in the IBVL championships on Friday May 12 and Saturday May 13 and captured the schools 5th straight IBVL team championship! STATE CHAMPIONSHIP NEXT WEEKEND The championship game marked the varsity team’s 69th win in a row and the team hasn’t lost since 2012. Next weekend the team travels to Chatsworth to play in the State Finals vs the Northern California champion Branson, the San Diego champion Point Loma and the Southern California runner-up Palisades Charter. PLAYOFF RESULTS Below is a breakdown of the team duels against other schools in the playoffs. Each schools fields 3 pairs each and each pair plays a match (to 3 games if necessary) until the winning schools has 2 of the 3 winning pairs. Round 1 – League Champion Bye in the First Round Round 2 – Friday May 12th vs. Sierra Canyon – Mira Costa won the duel 3 to 0. Quarterfinals – Saturday May 13th vs. Notre Dame – Mira Costa won the duel 2 to 0.* Semifinals – Saturday May 13th vs. Laguna Beach – Mira Costa won the duel 2 to 0* Finals – Saturday May 13th vs. Palisades Charter – Mira Costa won the duel 2 to 0.* * Third match unfinished because win was already secured with two wins. PLAYOFF PAIRS Throughout the weekend the Mira Costa pairs were (Grade, School Committed): 1 – Alexia Inman (Senior, Cal Berkeley) and Maddie Micheletti (Senior, Cal Berkeley) 2 – Sunny Villapando (Senior, Stanford) and Piper Monk-Heidrich (Junior, UCLA) 3 – Rio Frohoff (Senior, Tulane) and Oliva Bakos (Freshman)  ...

IBVL Playoffs – 2nd Round Win – Quarter, Semi and Finals Tomorrow!

Costa Varsity won its 2nd round game vs Sierra Canyon 3 -0 on Friday, May 12th. The team now advances to play in the IBVL final round (quarterfinals, semifinals and finals) at Ocean Park in Santa Monica on Saturday May 13th starting at 9AM (quarterfinals), followed by 11AM (semifinals) and 12:15PM (finals). Come watch our team as we go for our 5th IBVL championship in a row! Costa received a trophy for winning the Bay League division from the IBVL. http://www.miracostabeach.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/MVI_2775Trim.mp4 http://www.miracostabeach.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/MVI_2804Trim.mp4 http://www.miracostabeach.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/MVI_2810Trim.mp4 http://www.miracostabeach.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/MVI_2825Trim.mp4 http://www.miracostabeach.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/MVI_2839Trim.mp4 http://www.miracostabeach.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/MVI_2844Trim.mp4...

2017 IBVL Pairs Tournament – Costa 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Finish!

2017 IBVL Pairs Tournament For the 6th year in a row Mira Costa has produced the IBVL Pairs Champion! Additionally, for the first time in program history, Costa won a medal in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 1st – Alexia Inman & Maddie Micheletti (Costa) 2nd – Sunny Villapando & Piper Monk-Heidrich (Costa) 3rd – Rio Frohoff & Kate Reilly (Costa), Haley Kortekaas and Devon Newberry (Marymount)...

2017 Tournament of Champions

Congratulations to Mira Costa who finish in 1st Place in the Tournament of Champions for the 4th year in a row! Costa Team Georgia Kobel / Hailey Clausen Bridgette Chalmers / PJ Sundeen Malea Stanton / Emily...

2017 Mira Costa Queen of the Beach

Mira Costa’s 3rd Queen of the Beach tournament was held on April 30th and was another good one. Congratulations to Alexia Inman the tournament winner and Queen of the Beach this year! Alexia will have her name inscribed on the Legacy Trophy. Here are the final results: 1st – Alexia Inman 2nd – Maddie Micheletti 3rd – Piper Monk-Heidrich & Oliva Bakos One first round game between Piper, Hailey, Lea and Oliva went to a score of 37 to 35 in a game to 28 (watch the end of that game below starting at 30-30). 38-36 1st Round Game Tournament...

Easy Reader: Mira Costa girls dominant in beach volleyball action

Costa Beach players have been on a roll in tournament competition in recent week. The Easy Reader published an article on the success which highlighted recent wins by Mustangs Sunny Villapando and Rio Frohoff. The article states: While Frohoff, Micheletti and Villapando are enjoying success in youth tournaments, the trio – along with fellow senior Alexia Inman – are leading Mira Costa’s girls beach volleyball team in the Interscholastic Beach Volleyball League (IBVL). Joined by junior Piper Monk-Heidrich and three rising stars in freshmen Olivia Bakos, Maya Harvey and Kate Reilly, the Mustangs are seeking their fifth consecutive IBVL championship and have a 62-match winning streak under the tutelage of head coach Eric Fonoimoana. “I think the girls are having fun with the streak,” Fonoimoana said. “We have four seniors who will represent us in the playoffs and they are very skilled and talented girls. They have a lot of experience and we are much more physical than in previous years. The goals of the team for this year was very simple. They want to be undefeated IBVL Champions for the fifth year in a row.” Bakos feels the competition at practices help keep the program strong. “Starters are based on how well we do during the week,” Bakos said. “The team has been so supportive to our freshman players, but we still feel a little stress because we don’t want to lose or have our winning streak stopped.” Fonoimoana, a Mira Costa alum who won the gold medal at the 2000 Olympic Games and was a star on the professional circuit, also runs Elite Beach Volleyball coaching and...

Skylar Caputo Video Feature

Costa Alumni Skylar Caputo (’15), a current Sophmore player on #2 ranked Pepperdine’s beach volleyball team, was recently featured in a production about ‘the Malibu life’. Video...